Autumn site 5/8 - 10/9

Not as supplement to spring season (Winter storage = 500 DKK)

Hør om ledige pladser Pris Kommentar
Eftersæson weekend 1.900 DKK Kun brugsret i weekends 5/8-10/9 inkl
Eftersæson fuld 2.700 DKK Brugsret alle ugens dage 5/8-10/9 inkl
Eftersæson udvidet 3.700 DKK Brugsret alle ugens dag 29/7-10/9 inkl
+ Tillæg strandrækken 1.400 DKK  
Strøm: Grundgebyr = 100 DKK + forbrug = 3 DKK pr kwH
Ekstra specifik person: 200 DKK | Ekstra uspecifik legekammerat: 200 DKK
Dagsgæst: 15 DKK | Dagsgæst sæsonkort: 200 DKK | Sæsonkort til overnattende gæster: 600 DKK

Conditions long stay

A long stay site may be used by the core family (spouse / cohabitant and children/grandchildren under the age of 20). All others are considered guests. Note: It is the responsibility of the site owner that guests pay if no guest ticket has been purchased.

Payment terms all-year season

Half the amount on arrival. Remaining amount no later than 1st June. Late fee 100 DKK

Payment terms spring and autumn seasons

Prepayment at the beginning of the season.


No deposit is required and cancellation must therefore be made no later than 1st February (autumn season 1st July). If canceled later, a fee of 200 DKK per week will be charged.

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