2.3.18 Cheap season ticket Fårup Sommerland

As long stay camper at Hedebo Strand Camping you may buy cheap season tickets to Fårup Summerland at the price of 500 DKK each - normal price is 600 DKK. Must be ordered in week 13.


Future activities

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Bingo in North Jutland 2018

Big Anniversary bingo here at the campsite near Skagen. We play many great wins and side wins and allocate them to 40 games. You could also buy American Lottery and Supergame. Max 75 participants - first come first served.

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Music festival Denmark 2018

Rasmus Seebach in Frederikshavn, A few miles from our campsite, the popular singer arranges his only family concert here in North Jutland. Citybois is his support group and warms up before the concert, which is being held at Knivholt hovedgaard. Children 175 DKK, adults 350 DKK.

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Free adventure golf Denmark 2018

Play free adventure at our 12-hole mini golf course in Sæby. On the occasion of our and Frederikshavn's anniversary, we invite all campers and citizens from eg Frederikshavn and Sæby to play our fantastic mini golf course for free this day. 50 players on the course at a time - only 4-balls.

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Near our beach camping

Hedebo Strand Camping is located in the northern paradise of Denmark, with the beach in the front yard, the wild nature in the backyard and several major towns nearby.


A short walk along the beach from the campsite is the small town of Sæby, which is called Skagen for a reason. Here you can enjoy the beautiful old Skagen houses, the Danish atmosphere, the sea and the many parks and gardens. See Sæby guide here.


If you are into shopping, cafes and perhaps the only palm beach in Denmark, a visit to our neighbor village is an option. See what Frederikshavn offers here.


Is the tourist center North Jutland and therefore also with many guests. On a rainy day, you can take a trip to the museums of Skagen and Ancher. Read more about Grenen and other attractions in Skagen.